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Worried about your first baby class?

You’re not alone! Think back to a time before you had children. Perhaps you were starting a new job, or going to a party or event where you didn’t know many people. You would probably spend time planning your outfit, getting yourself ready and taking time over your appearance. Perhaps you even went out to […]

Encouraging early reading…(REALLY early)

Encouraging early reading is a topic that is close to my heart. Years of teaching experience has taught me, it is unequivocally clear that… Children who are exposed to a wide range of books, have a wider range of vocabulary. But when should that love of books begin? What if I told you that your […]

New Years resolutions…(or lack of them)!

So, it’s a new year! 2022! I think many of us are grateful to say goodbye to another turbulent year. We all hoped that COVID would a memory by the end of 2021, yet here it is, seemingly more widespread than ever! But, hopefully most of us got to at least spend Christmas with our […]

Top 5 gift list for your little one (anytime)

Buying gifts for babies can often be a tricky task…do you go for what the baby needs or what the parents need? Where will they be developmentally at Christmas? Will it last? Is it worth the money? The questions are endless… So, to help you along your way, I have come up with my top […]

Becoming a new mum during a pandemic

Like so many others, I had my son during the pandemic, which made an already difficult time in my life just that little bit harder. We did the usual antenatal classes (which had to be delivered online) and I also tried reading many books and listening to many podcasts about hypnobirthing, because I was quite […]

Parenthood and expectations

I had no idea that today was World Mental Health Awareness Day until I was browsing through social media as I usually do…but it struck me as very apt, that today of all days, I felt the need to visit one of my favourite places, I felt the need to reconnect with my childhood, I […]

Children’s mental health…what’s really important?

This week marks children’s mental health week. A topic that has always been out there, always important, but greatly intensified by the pandemic. As parents, we have worries about how our children have coped with being ‘cooped up’ for so long, worries about if our children will ‘catch up’ on missed learning and opportunities, worries […]