Sessions for postnatal Mothers and their babies from as young as post 6 week check. BabyBeats® is a unique class which supports Mothers in their postnatal period by strengthening and supporting the body through gentle exercises, pelvic stability, mobility and relaxation. BabyBeats® supports baby’s natural development through elements such as yoga, massage and sensory play.

Embrace offers both BabyBeats® (for babies post 6 week check, up to around 5 months old) and BabyBeats® Plus classes (for babies from around 5 months, to fast crawling).

What’s included:

  • gentle exercise to focus on pelvic and core stability
  • sensory experiences to stimulate your baby’s senses
  • time to bond with your baby through movement
  • time to connect with other mums and babies in your local community…

…and so much more!

Sessions run in 6 week blocks, half termly. We ask that you book in advance to secure your place.

My little girl is 3 months old and LOVES her BabyBeats classes. The massage section at the end is her favourite and I love having a chance to stretch and get stronger whilst keeping her entertained. It’s a lovely group of mums too. Highly recommend 🙂



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