Baby Massage

For babies from birth

Why massage…

Infant massage is an ancient art, which is still taught today to parents around the world. Massage can have a huge impact on both you and your baby, in a whole host of ways. From improved sleep, relief from trapped wind, and bonding and attachment between parent and baby.
Our sessions focus on developing the natural bond between parents and their baby, through communication, nurture and touch. Sessions are accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage, the only international association dedicated solely to infant massage.

What’s involved…

You will learn whole body massage strokes, to practice right from birth. Parent handouts are included to enable you to practice in the comfort of your own home
You will learn how to support your baby with trapped wind, colic & constipation, using an easy 6 step routine which can be done at any time of day or night
There is always time for discussion and opportunity to learn about the many benefits and research behind massage
You will build a support network with other local families, including the chance to be part of a supportive and friendly WhatsApp group
Parent handouts offer you the chance to continue massage in the comfort of your own home. You can practice as much as you and your baby wish to
You are provided with a mat to lay your baby on, and a sensory bag to use during the session. You can also purchase massage oil and a quilted, patchwork mat

The important stuff…

Sessions cost £56 for 6 weeks. They run on a half termly basis during term times only. We ask that you book in advance to secure your place. If you are interested in one-to-one or small group sessions, please contact Becky.
Up to two adults are able to attend for the same price. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the session, we ask that older siblings do not to attend sessions. If you have twins, please contact Becky.

What our customers say…

“The baby massage course by Becky was such a lovely experience during which my 3 month old son and I enjoyed great quality time together. He really liked the massage and was very interested in seeing other babies too. I was amazed how relaxed I felt myself after each class too, which is a real bonus, being a busy Mum of two!”


“I honestly have nothing but positive things to say about Embrace baby classes with Becky. Feeling nervous as it was my first class that I had attended with my little boy, were feelings that instantly vanished as soon as I entered the room and was greeted by Becky. The 6 week baby massage course was one that myself and my little boy really have taken a lot from – our bond feels closer and also, my confidence as a mum actually has improved too — you really can do anything that you set your mind to! I definitely will be booking onto another class in the future – thank you so much Becky for a really lovely experience.”


“I started this class when my baby was 2 weeks old and it is suitable for this age. Becky is a fantastic class teacher and very patient and informative. The classes enable really lovely bonding time with your baby while learning some fantastic wellbeing massage. After learning the gas and colic routine, my now 8 week old has regular movements and I am sure this massage routine has contributed to this. Becky is kind and engaging. I really enjoyed her class and am sad its over.”


“Becky is an excellent teacher and the classes have a really relaxed atmosphere – even with the babies doing what they like and not necessarily being massaged! Even if you need to feed or your baby is sleepy Becky makes sure you can learn the techniques and will always go over anything you might have missed. My little girl particularly likes the leg massages we learnt in class – thanks Becky!”


“I found Becky online and signed up for her baby massage course because my daughter was quite colicky and I wanted to learn massage so that I could help soothe her discomfort. The course was well planned and thought out. Delivered professionally by Becky who made the environment warm and welcoming. The atmosphere was very relaxed which made me feel comfortable about feeding my baby during the session if needed (I haven’t felt comfortable feeding in front of others before). Saffy and I really enjoyed attending the session and she always came home relaxed and sleepy. I continued the baby massage at home and have found the colic routine to be beneficial. In addition to this I find it’s just a lovely thing to do with my baby. Thank you Becky”


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