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Why Mindful Movers®…

The Early Years is a fundamental stage of development, where your child’s brain will grow to 80% of its adult size by age 3! Positive Early Years’ experiences support children to build the foundations they need as they grow. Being active, nurtures children’s physical, mental and social development.
Our classes help your child to develop physically, through balance, coordination and skill through fun and interactive games and yoga poses. Sessions involve a wide range of physical and sensory play equipment, engaging your child each week.

Parent & toddler classes…

Sessions support toddlers to gain confidence in their movements whilst increasing cardiac health
Classes aim to aid concentration, balance and body awareness through fun and engaging yoga poses
We use a wide variety of equipment to stimulate gross and fine motor skills
We help children master new skills by allowing children to explore their senses
Sessions promote interaction by encouraging parents and toddlers to work together
We use mindful exercises to help children cope with their own emotions and feelings

The important stuff…

Sessions can be booked as pay as you go, at £6.50 per session, or in six week blocks at a discounted rate, at £36. They run on a half termly basis during term times only.
Sessions are for parents, carers, grandparents or childminders to attend with their child. Prices are for one adult and one child, if you have twins or siblings, please contact Becky.
All classes are taught by a qualified Primary Teacher with over 10 years experience in schools and Nurseries.

Would you like to offer Mindful Movers® classes in your school or Nursery setting?

Mindful Movers® for the EYFS & KS1

Becky is a qualified Primary Teacher with over 10 years experience, she has a Masters in Early Years Education and is DBS checked. Let Becky bring Mindful Movers® to your setting to support your children!
Each session is planned to effectively support and enhance the Early Years and KS1 curriculums.

During our Mindful Movers® sessions, children will…

Enhance their problem solving skills through games and activities
Develop gross motor skills through Yoga poses and travelling exercises
Develop fine motor skills through the use of a variety of sensory games
Enhance their concentration through mindful movement and balance
Develop their social skills through interaction, teamwork and activities with peers
Learn to regulate their emotions through mindfulness exercises

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