Encouraging happy talkers

Why Talk-A-Tots…

Encouraging early language development through the use of stories, songs and rhymes, is strongly linked to children’s development in later years. As many as 10% of children will have a developmental language delay, so supporting young children’s ability to communicate in a number of ways can really help them to feel confident.
Our sessions encourage your child to become a happy and confident talker, through the use of varied experiences and opportunities to learn. Children learn best through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences, that’s through looking, listening and doing. We want your child to learn about language without even realising they’re doing it!

What’s involved…

Each session is based on a theme, and is centred around a well known children’s story. Your instructor reads the story, whilst you take part in story massage with your child, if you both wish
We give children the opportunity to make music using rattles and musical instruments, as well as singing songs and rhymes to support their language development
Each session teaches new vocabulary using helpful word cards. Each card includes a high quality picture as well as Makaton signs and symbols to support your child’s communication
There will be many opportunities for you and your child to talk with each other. Your child can enjoy imitating your words and newly learnt Makaton signs, building their enjoyment of language
Using our hands is a great way to communicate with young children before they learn to verbalise. You will not only learn massage strokes to link to stories and rhymes, but also learn Makaton signs too
Each session gives you the time to play and learn with your child. We offer you a range of high quality toys and activities to encourage and promote your child’s language development

The important stuff…

Classes are available to book in blocks of six, term time only. You are able to book for one child at £39 (£6.50 per session), or two children at £51 (£8.50 per session). The price for two children does not include twins or babies under 6 months when booking the 10-18 month age group.
We run two sessions, for babies from around 6-12 months, and babies/toddlers from around 10-18 months. These ages are guidelines only. If your child does not fall into those age groups, but you feel you would benefit from attending the class, please get in touch! If you are unsure of which class to book, please contact Becky.

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