Top 5 gift list for your little one (anytime)

Buying gifts for babies can often be a tricky task…do you go for what the baby needs or what the parents need? Where will they be developmentally at Christmas? Will it last? Is it worth the money? The questions are endless…
So, to help you along your way, I have come up with my top 5 companies/products which I believe are well worth it! It’s the 1st of December, Christmas is coming…you may not need any more of an incentive to spend your well earned money. But if you still have babies to buy for, then take a look below!
Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order: 

The Little Sensory Bag Co.

Sensory items are an absolute must for babies, whether that’s a foil blanket, light up ball, touchy feely book or shaker. These are the gifts that can keep on giving, as babies can come back to them again, and again, and again! If you’re into your sensory items, then this company offer you a huge selection, they all come packaged beautifully, and for a great price too! You can buy personalised bags with a selection of items, or individual items depending on your budget or what you are after…take a look!

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My 1st Years

If you’re into personalisation…and lets face it…who isn’t!? Then look no further! I’m pretty sure if you have thought of it, this company have it! They offer a huge selection of gifts, toys, clothes and loads more, all personalised! They even have those super cute matching Christmas outfits, for the whole family! If you’re a first time customer, you can register and get 15% off…bonus! 

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Natural Baby Shower

This company is slightly more on the pricey side…however, if you’re into your natural toys and items, then this could be the place for you! My personal favourites are the play gyms and play mats, all beautiful in natural colours, and great for tummy time! They have a fantastic selection of eco friendly gifts which are sustainably sourced, made from recycled materials or plastic free…so you feel like you’re helping the planet too!

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Felt Lift the Flap Books

Now I love books for children, we are truly spoilt by the number of incredible authors and illustrators out there! But there’s one style of book which I have found to be great for young babies! We’ve all been there when your little one opens up a pristine lift the flap book for the first time…only to find that after a couple of reads, half the flaps have been ripped off! Well these lift the flap books are made of felt, SO much more baby friendly, and at the end there’s a cute little mirror to practice peekaboo! They can be bought in many places, such as Amazon, TheWorks or likely your local supermarket! Published by Nosy Crow, there are currently 27 to choose from!

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Sensory lights

Last but not least, sensory lights! This is something I have been asked about a lot recently. Many babies are loving the sensory lights in our BabyBeats® classes, so if sensory lights are what you’re after, head to The Glow Company to find the perfect lighting for your home. There’s a wide range to choose from, all in varying prices, colours, shapes and sizes. A great way to entertain your little one and stimulate their senses at any time of day! Just close the curtains, switch on the lights, and watch their little faces light up!

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